Military Dune Buggy for Sale

Military buggies have become a basic necessity for the US military for use in patrolling desert borders, and any other military purpose. A buggy’s extreme durability as well as its ability to navigate rough terrain has made it appealing. And, if you are a civilian looking for a military dune buggy for sale, you will surely find many variations available on the internet. There are manufacturers who would be able to offer you a military dune buggy for sale that can be registered for street use anywhere in the United States. Some of the specifications of a military dune buggy for sale are:

  • An engine running at 4-cylinder, 4-stroke and 78HP; oil capacity of 3.5liters
  • 24-volt ignition system
  • 2.3 liter displacement with a fuel capacity of 17gallons
  • Steel box frame
  • Power steering

You can even place an order for a military dune buggy for sale of a different size than what is offered online, as well as choose the color of the vehicle that you would want to purchase. Passenger capacity depends on the type and size of the military dune buggy for sale. Some can seat two passengers, while others can seat up to four passengers. There are many military dune buggy variations, and these come in different lengths and sizes, so you will surely be able to look for a dune buggy that would fit your size. Some of the color variations are:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Moss Green

Most of the military dune buggy for sale is just a modification of existing vehicle types, while others are remanufactured as new. And, though almost any military dune buggy for sale can be allowed for driving within the country’s busy streets, none of these can be exported or sold to customers from other countries without a valid export license from concerned US stated departments. You must also remember that a military dune buggy for sale is often a lot more expensive than the other regular dune buggies. Some of the military dune buggy for sale is sold up to $50,000, while others are priced higher. Shipping prices and delivery time are also dependent on the number of dune buggies you purchase.

There are sites on the internet that would give you a lot of information on how to choose the best military dune buggy for sale, as well as give recommendations on how to make the most out of your purchases. You can also check on customer reviews and testimonies to make sure that the military dune buggy for sale is among the top-rated products and is proven in giving the maximum positive experience for customers. If you cannot afford to buy the real thing, there is always a wide selection of pint-sized military dune buggy for sale as toys. These cost less than ten dollars and are almost perfect replicas of real military dune buggies. These will also be great as gifts for kids or as valuable additions to your child’s military toy collection.


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