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V8 Powered Dune Buggy – 1st Run!

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TPI/Fuel Injected V8 – Four Wheel Drive – Independent suspension!

Stan Meyers water powered Buggy

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Stan Meyer’s Dune Buggy that ran on water. Hydrogen/Oxygen fuel in an ICE motor. On board electrolysis, no hydrogen tanks, no bombs on-board, just water.It ran 100 miles per gallon! It was a shame to hear that he was poisoned (March 98′) and no longer with us. He died in the parking lot of a restaurant in his home town of Grove City, Ohio. Sharks came a week later and stole the the dune buggy and all of his experimental equipment, according to his brother, Steve. Stan said while he was alive, that he was threatened many times and would not sell out to Arab Oil Corp.s

Here’s me having fun with Gio’s new toy.

GSXR Powered Barracuda Dune Buggy HQ

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All the clips of the barracuda. Powered by a 750 cc Suzuki GSXR engine, the buggy has approximately 90-100 hp at the wheels, and 120 or so at the crank. Suspension travel is 12 inches in the rear and 15 in the front. The shocks in the video were too low on nitrogen. This buggy took almost 3 years to complete. The whole chassis was hand fabricated, along with the suspension and driveline. If you want to see more, check out More videos will be coming soon!

Wanted to build a dune buggy out of axles and connectors to try the tubular look. The frame construction is quite strong and the model is very light.