Dune Buggy Tires For Sale

Building your own dune buggy from scratch entails buying all the major parts separately, and though it can sometimes be difficult to locate the best part, the satisfaction you would feel once the work is done is often unequalled. Among the many different parts that make up a dune buggy, the wheels and tires are often considered a major factor in guaranteeing that the buggy runs smoothly in rough and sandy terrain. Dune buggy tires for sale also include wheels that are made from:

  • Aluminum
  • Chrome
  • Billet

Most of the dune buggy tires for sale with aluminum wheels are bolted down with 4 or 5 bolts, and 1- to 3-inch offset. The same is true for tires made of Chrome and Billet. The price range for dune buggy tires for sale differs often depending on the manufacturer as well as the materials used to make the tires. Dune buggy tires for sale are also divided into the following categories:

  • Desert Explorer Tires – these tires are mostly made for converted Volkswagen dune buggies. Dune buggy tires for sale that offer explorer tires often do not have information on shipping costs due to the tire’s size, although you will receive a private message from the store with regards to this cost prior to finalizing your order.
  • Front Sand Tires – unlike other dune buggy tires for sale, sand tires are well known for its durability as well as the lightweight design of its casing.
  • Radial Tires –famous for its ability to reduce the ill effects of tread wear, as well as allowing better handling of a vehicle. This is the only one among the different dune buggy tires for sale that can offer you the advantage of improving the flexibility of your dune driving.
  • Paddle Tires

There are many dune buggy tires for sale on ebay and so many other websites on the internet. And if you cannot wait too long for your tire to arrive, there are expedite shipping being offered by many suppliers, though the price for expediting your shipment would be a lot higher than the cost for regular shipping of any of the numerous dune buggy tires for sale. You do not really have to buy a brand-new dune buggy tire since most second-hand dune buggy tires for sale are also offered on the internet. These second-hand tires often cost less than brand-new dune buggy tires for sale, with very little visible signs of damage.

A good thing about buying dune buggy tires for sale online is that you will also be able to view customer reviews and testimonies about each of the tires that you are eyeing. These reviews can often offer you with some insight on how the dune buggy tires for sale worked for each customer, and whether anyone has had some bad experiences with the product. There are also numerous photos of the different designs of dune buggy tires for sale that you can look at and choose from.





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